Letterhead is a creative agency that produces corporate identities, web sites, web service interfaces, magazine layouts, book designs, and everything else that gives a message an understandable form.

We also offer journalistic and translation services in both Finnish and Swedish. We are happy to serve international clients in Europe and beyond.

Below a couple of examples of our work.



NFV-ITI, Network Functions Virtualisation – Interoperability Testing Initiative, was launched in December 2016 to support NFV interoperability between different NFV vendors’ elements.

The initiating partners Cisco, Ericsson, Huawei and Nokia came to Letterhead to create the Nfv-iti intiative an emblem and to design and launch a portal that is used to communicate the NFV-ITI initiative and intent, to provide information about the NFV-ITI principles, and to share Generic Interoperability Testing Principles with the industry.

We were delighted by both the opportunity and the challenge to find a graphic existence for the initiative and to find a way in which the portal could serve as a general information channel as well as a meeting point for initiative participants. The site was coded by Salskea Oy.


OSSii – Operations Support Systems interoperability initiative was launched in 2013 to enable and simplify interoperability between OSS systems, reducing overall OSS integration costs and enabling shorter time-to-market.

The OSSii initiating partners, Ericsson, Huawei and Nokia needed a remake of the OSSii portal that is used to communicate the OSSii initiative and intent, and to provide information about the OSSii principles. We designed and launched a new site that could better address those needs. The site was coded by Tumedia.

The Sports Museum of Finland

The Sports Museum of Finland preserves and documents material relating to sports and physical culture in Finland and conducts and facilitates research in the area. It also offers reliable expert information on Finnish sports and a versatile learning environment for people of all ages.

The museum has been digitalizing its collections ambitiously for several years already and has an impressive amount of collections that can be accessed online. The majority of the items relating to the 1952 Helsinki Olympics can be seen online at www.urheilumuseo.fi, for example, as can many of the items manufactured for the planned 1940 Helsinki Olympics that were canceled because of World events. A number of museum items have also been rendered into 3D models that can be inspected closely and from all angles online.

The Sports Museum of Finland exhibitions are closed during the renovation of the Olympic Stadion, which has emphasized the importance of the online collections in serving the public during the renovation.

Letterhead took part in the museum's digital leap by planning new online services and exhibitions together with the museum team, and by building some of the digital exhibitions.

Aktia ice hall

The Aktia Ice Hall is a versatile ice skating arena located in Raasepori, Finland, that hosts an international size training rink, four dressing rooms, 500 seats and a cafeteria.

The arena is used for all kinds of ice sports and a number of other sports as well as a diverse variety of other events such as concerts and trade fairs. It serves users in a wide area all the way to the Helsinki.

Letterhead designed the Ice Hall logo and identity.